Each year SBWR gives many educational presentations to schools, community groups and private gatherings. For the youngest children we might read “Owl Babies” or some other appealing book. Sometimes our owls help teachers to present books like “Owls in the Family”. At other times our birds help with language development, especially with children who are not fluent in English.

.High-schoolers, college students, and adults enjoy our humorous and informative PowerPoint presentation. We also attend many community events, providing a booth with interesting things to see, read, touch and learn.

The birds we use for these educational presentations are kept under special state and federal education permits. They are all birds of prey, also known as raptors. These birds came to us for rehabilitation but could not be released for various reasons.

While not all birds of prey can tolerate life in captivity, these birds have a somewhat mellow disposition for their species and are thus good choices for education. They accompany us to presentations and community events to help educate the public and benefit the environment.

Please shop our store – we offer items for purchase, which helps us to raise much-needed funds!