Our work is completely supported by volunteers and donations of money and supplies.

If you think you could provide help in the following areas, please give us a call! 

Office: (310) 378-9921

Email: sbwildliferehab@aol.com

releasing bird back into the wild
Volunteer releasing bird back into the wild


Dispatch for drivers transporting birds.


Anyone willing to make a commitment to the care of wildlife is welcome. This involves daytime or nighttime care of animals in your home. Training is provided.

Baby Humming Bird
Baby Hummingbird


Fundraising and grant writing, building cages (aviaries and runs), cleaning cages, writing articles, taking photographs, artistic illustration, graphic design, typing, making formulas . . . or just about any talent or interest you have!

Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to make a donation of any size, please visit our Donate Page for more information.

bird flying over los angeles
Taking flight after a short stay at SBWR to get better!