SBWR and Education is an all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff. All of our volunteers are important to the successful workings of our organization, whether they give us many hours a day or one hour every few months.

This photo shows a small part of our group, and some past volunteers, with information about active members given below.. To read more about education birds click HERE.

Ann Lynch is the Founding Director of SBWR and Education. She has over 50 years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation and wildlife and environmental education.   

Christina Jones is SBWR and Education’s Director, with over 28 years of experience.  She shares intakes, calls and primary care with Ann.  Both work with wildlife and environmental education.

Teresa Micco, DVM is our hummingbird specialist.  She cares for all our sick, injured and orphaned hummingbirds, plus any other critters that come her way.

Bob Shanman is the owner of our local Wild Birds Unlimited and an ardent supporter. His bird-feeder washings and pleas for donations to our donation box raise over $5,000 each year.

Many other volunteers assist by feeding the birds at the Ranch, monitoring their progress and the safety of their enclosures, and keeping everything there clean. 

Others help with cleaning our Bird Rooms and Mews at other locations. Still others help with transporting birds to and from hospitals and releases.

Owl Relaease
El Dorado Park - Owl release by Christina
releasing bird after rehab
Rehabilitated bird set free after a short stay at SBWR